Starting JSCAPE MFT Gateway Service

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In order to manage JSCAPE MFT Gateway you must first start the JSCAPE MFT Gateway Service.  This service allows you to manage the JSCAPE MFT Gateway using your web browser.




You may start the service by going to your Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and starting the JSCAPE MFT Gateway service.  Alternatively you may start the service from the JSCAPE MFT Gateway program group by clicking on Administrative Tools > Start Service.


Linux / UNIX / Mac OS X


Go to the JSCAPE MFT Gateway installation directory.  For Linux RPM installations this is /opt/JSCAPE_MFT_Gateway.  For UNIX and non-RPM Linux installations this is the directory that you selected during installation.  To start the JSCAPE MFT Gateway Service run the following command as a user with super-user (e.g. root) privileges:







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