Installation components

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MFT Gateway consists of two installable components which are MFT Gateway Server and MFT Gateway Agent.  These components are described in more detail below.


MFT Gateway Server


This component is required and is typically installed on one or more servers in the DMZ in order to provide reverse proxy and clustering services.


MFT Gateway Agent


This component is optional and is typically installed on one or more servers within your internal network.  It is generally not installed on the same server where the MFT Gateway Server component is installed as this would defeat it's primary purpose.  It's primary purpose is to perform network requests on behalf of MFT Gateway Server.  While MFT Gateway Agent does establish an outbound connection to MFT Gateway Server via a control channel upon startup, no inbound connections are ever made from MFT Gateway Server to MFT Gateway Agent.  This is critical in environments where inbound connections to the internal network are restricted for security and/or compliance reasons.

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