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Existing users of commercial editions of MFT Gateway are entitled to 1 year of free upgrades and technical support. To obtain access to the latest version please contact Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. via the Help Desk.


Important Notice


If you are an existing licensed user wishing to upgrade please contact the Help Desk to obtain a valid license key for this version. Previously generated license keys may be incompatible with the current version and may result in application starting in evaluation mode.


Note: Several Linux distributions exhibit slow response as a result of the newly introduced FIPS TLS library. To prevent this issue, please install haveged before installing MFT Gateway


Upgrade Process - Graphical User Interface


1. Run the GUI installer for MFT Gateway.

2. The installer will detect that a previous version of MFT Gateway is installed and will ask if you want to update that version. Confirm that you want to update.

3. Read the license agreement. If you agree to the terms, accept it.

4. Specify a backup directory.

5. Choose whether to use the embedded database or an external/custom database.

6. Continue with the installation process as normal.  Once installation is complete your server configuration settings from the previous version will be automatically migrated to the current version.




Upgrade Process - Manual



1.Stop the old MFT Gateway.
2.Rename/move (DO NOT DELETE) the old installation directory to a different directory (e.g. MFT_Gateway_old)
3.Install the new MFT Gateway version.
4.Copy the 'data' and 'etc' directories (if they exist) from the old directory (e.g.MFT_Gateway_old) to the current installation directory.
5.For versions BELOW 3.5 execute the following commands while INSIDE the new MFT Gateway installation directory
./database -configure


6.For versions 3.5 and above, execute the following 2 commands while INSIDE the new MFT Gateway installation directory

6a) ./migration -dir <path to MFT_Gateway_old directory>

6b) ./database -update -previous-version <previous server version>

7.Start the new MFT Gateway
8.Connect to the following web management interface URL using a browser. This is now the only way to manage the server. <rest_port> is 20881 by default.












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