Adding an AS2 service

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Applicability Statement 2 or AS2 is the most widely accepted protocol for carrying out B2B electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions. It comes with several built-in features for securing data, including data-in-motion encryption, digital certificates, digital signatures, and even electronic receipts (known as Message Disposition Notifications or MDNs).


To add an AS2 service, navigate to the Services module of a domain and click the Add button.



Figure 303






When the Service Protocol dialog appears, expand the Protocol drop-down list and select AS2. After that, click OK.



Figure 329




That should bring up the Add AS2 Service dialog. Select HTTP and/or HTTPS.


Check HTTP only if you just want your service to run over HTTP. An AS2 service running over HTTP is not protected by SSL/TLS.
Check HTTPS only if you just want your service to run over HTTPS. An AS2 service running over HTTPS is protected by SSL/TLS.
Check both HTTP and HTTPS if you want users to connect using either AS2 over HTTP or AS2 over HTTPS.


Click OK to proceed.


Figure 330







The newly added AS2 service should then be added to the Services tab.


Figure 331





Setting up a usable AS2 service, even for testing purposes, takes a bit more than just adding the AS2 service in the Service module.


For more information about setting up an AS2 service, read the chapter on AS2 in this documentation.

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