Auto-starting in Solaris 10 environments

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Solaris 10 uses SMF (Service Management Facility) for creating and managing services.  To enable MFT Server as a service perform the following.



1.As root user, create a user and group named jscape.
2.As root user, run the command usermod -K defaultpriv=basic,net_privaddr jscape to grant jscape user permissions to run services on ports less than 1024.
3.As jscape user, run installer for Solaris as described in Installing on Solaris.
4.Open the sample SMF manifest file jscape_smf.xml found in the MFT Server installation directory using vi or other text editor.
5.Change references to /opt/mft_server with the absolute path of MFT Server installation directory.
6.As root user, validate SMF manifest file using svccfg validate jscape_smf.xml command.
7.As root user, import SMF manifest file using svccfg import jscape_smf.xml command.
8.As root user, Check for default Solaris FTP service using command netstat -na | grep 21  If you wish to disable this service you may do so using svcadmin disable ftp:default command.
9.As root user, enable service using svcadm enable svc:/application/jscape:default command.
10.Check that service was started successfully and not in maintenance using svcs -x jscape:default command.
11.Verify that MFT Server Service is running using netstat -na | grep 10880 command.


For more information on creating services using SMF please see the following links:


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