Backing up server configuration files

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MFT Server configuration data is stored in a relational database which is defined in the Settings > Datastore panel.  By default MFT Server includes a pre-installed local database that is responsible for storing this data.  This database and it's files may be found in the <installdir>/data directory.  Other important configuration settings such as license file and startup parameters are located in the <installdir>/etc directory.  In performing a backup you should backup both of these directories.


If you are using a datastore other than the default pre-installed database provided then please consult your database vendor documentation for details on how to perform a backup of the database.  In addition to backing up your database you should also backup the <installdir>/etc directory as mentioned above.


To automatically backup your server configuration files on a scheduled basis, create a trigger using the Current Time event and System Configuration Backup action.  Note, the System Configuration Backup action will not backup datastore that do not use the pre-installed default database.



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