Creating DLP Rules

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DLP rules are regular expressions that are used in identifying sensitive data at rest.  MFT Server has a number of built-in rules that may be used to identify sensitive data at rest such as credit card numbers (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover) , U.S. social security numbers, UK national insurance numbers and IBAN account numbers.


To create a DLP rule go to the DLP module in MFT Server Manager.  Here you will find a list of currently available DLP rules.


Figure 148




To create a new rule click on the Add button.  The Add DLP Rule dialog will be displayed.


Figure 149




Name - Unique name for the DLP rule.


Description - Description of DLP rule.


Scope - Scope of rule when applying regular expression.   A scope of File contents will analyze contents of file for instances of regular expression.  A scope of Filename will analyze filename for instances of regular expression.


Regular expression - The regular expression to use when performing content analysis.


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