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The Datastore node controls where all configuration settings are stored for MFT Server.  All configuration settings are stored in a relational database.  By default, a local H2 database is installed with MFT Server for storing this information.  You may optionally point this to any ANSI compliant relational database.




The embedded H2 database that ships with MFT Server is not intended for production environments and is for evaluation purposes only. For production environments or evaluation environments with heavy usage and/or high availability requirements, it is recommended that an ANSI compliant relational database such as MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL be used.



Figure 210





JDBC URL - The JDBC URL of target database.


Username - The JDBC username of target database.


Password - The JDBC password of target database.


Pool - The number of connections to keep in connection pool for target database.


Pool timeout - The amount of inactivity time before expiring a database connection from the pool.


Synchronize data every X (seconds, minutes, hours or days) - Specifies how often GUI data is synchronized with the database. This is normally needed when you have two (2) or more instances of MFT Server connecting to a shared global datastore and you want to specify how often the configuration data on those servers are synchronized.

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