Monitoring server resources using JMX

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The JMX service included with MFT Server allows you to more closely monitor usage of CPU and memory resources.  It is meant to be used with a Java profiling application such as VisualVM.


Connecting via JMX


In order to connect via JMX you will need to provide a connection URL.  Please use the format provided below.




where [hostname] and [port] are the hostname and port that JMX service is listening on.  Note, if you are listening on host/IP then you will need to replace the hostname in the URL with the actual IP address of the server.  Also, it is important that when connecting remotely that both the Server port and Registry port are allowed inbound connections for any firewall.


JMX Credentials


To connect via JMX you must provide valid administrator credentials.  Administrators for MFT Server are defined in Settings > Manager Service > Administrators in MFT Server Manager.


Configuring JMX


The JMX service may be configured in Settings > JMX in MFT Server Manager.


Figure 157





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