PGP encryption primer

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PGP is a method of protecting digital content using a pair of PGP keys.  PGP encryption makes it nearly impossible for someone to view the contents of an encrypted file without possessing the secret key and key password needed to decrypt the file.


Getting started


To begin, you must create a PGP key pair.  This key pair consists of both a private key and public key.  This key pair can be created using the tools provided in MFT Server or by using any of the supported third party PGP clients.  The private key is yours to keep and may be used for decryption and optional signing of digital documents.  The private key should be safely guarded and is typically protected with a password that only you know.  The public key is what you distribute to those individuals/organizations with whom you wish to exchange encrypted content.


To encrypt a document the sender encrypts the document using the recipients public key, then optionally signs the encrypted document with the senders private key.   Signing the encrypted document proves to the recipient that the sender is who they say they are.  All document encryption/signing in MFT Server is performed via a trigger and the PGP Encrypt File action.


To decrypt a document the recipient decrypts the file using the recipients private key/password and optionally verifies the sender using the public key that was provided to the recipient by the sender.  All file decryption in MFT Server is performed via a trigger and the PGP Decrypt File action.


PGP usage


Some typical uses of PGP in MFT Server include:


Automatically PGP encrypt/sign files upon upload ensuring data is protected while at-rest.
Automatically PGP decrypt/verify files upon upload.
Send PGP encrypted email messages to protect sensitive data.


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