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The MFT Server Java Management API requires that Oracle or IBM JDK 8 or above be used.  All classes for the MFT Server Java Management API are part of the ftpserver.jar library which is located in your MFT Server libs directory.




The examples provided in the doc/api-examples directory are written to connect to the server using the credentials and server settings stored in the client.cfg configuration file.  To run any of the examples you must first configure the client.cfg settings by running the following command.


./manager-configuration -host [ip address] -port [port] [ip address] -rest.port [rest.port] -user [username] -password [password]




./server-configuration -host -port 10880 -rest.port 11880 -user admin -password secret


Where [ip address] and [port] are the IP/port that the MFT Server Service is listening on, [rest.port] is the port that the REST web service is listening on, and [username] [password] are the credentials you will use when connecting to the service.  Defaults ports for MFT Server Service and REST web service are 10880 and 11880 respectively.        





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