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Release 12.4

August 2022




191494 – Added support to send administrative logging, domain-level logging and event data to Splunk, an enterprise logging solution. Splunk HTTP Event Collector can also be configured as a Trading Partner.

191597 – Added support for Microsoft OneDrive in the Trading Partner and Network Storage modules.

203370 – Added a “Secure Delete” field to the following 3 existing Trigger Action options: Delete File, Delete Files and Delete Directory. When this optional feature is configured, the data in the file(s) are overwritten with zeroes before the file(s) are deleted.

203371 – Added a feature that allows you to restrict the MFT Server protocol(s) that a user can connect to the server with. This is set on a per user and/or user template basis.

203372 – Added a feature that allows you to restrict ad-hoc sharing capabilities at the virtual directory level for both users and groups.

203764 – Added the ability for the MFT Installer to check, during a new installation or upgrade, if the required unlimited jurisdiction policy files (UJPF) are installed on the MFT Server system. If they are not, an exception is raised.

203843 – Added a new Updates module that allows you to schedule automatic updates of the MFT Server application. It also supports manual updates.

204859 – Added the ability for both regular and administrative users to control the theme that is used when accessing the client and administrative user interfaces. Also added some new themes. In addition, any given preset theme can be color-customized on the user-level (Web Client and MFT Server Manager users).

205429 – Improved the usability in the MFT Server Manager interface when editing or creating a trigger by automatically selecting the Event Type, which lets the user enter a value without having to select the field.

205430 – Added a check that prevents the deletion of a Trading Partner if it is being used in a Trigger Action.

205431 – Added the ability to create a zero-byte file while configuring a Trigger Action that supports browsing for a file.

205481 – Added support in the Trading Partners and Network storage modules for the V2 Azure Data Lake Storage object types.

205517 – Documented the commands used when performing a silent installation for Windows MFT Server and MFT Server Agent installations.


Patches 12.3.x


v. 12.3.1

- 204430: When uploading a file to Google Cloud Storage, a 0-byte file is initially created, resulting in an undesired trigger.

- 204833: If an Admin fails to authenticate when logging into the MFT Server Manager UI, the failure is noted in the Manager Service > Logs "Action" column, but the "User" column does not display the Administrator user name.

- 204709: PGP Public key is not showing the expiration date when it is imported into GnuPG.


v. 12.3.2

- 204921: When ad-hoc email transfers and password protection are enabled in Settings > Email > Ad_hoc File Transfer, it is not possible to have some transfers require a password, and others not.

- 204949: Public contacts are not visible to users when sending ad-hoc emails.

- 205003: When selecting Domain > Server Keys > Revocation List > Verify, the "CRL Generation" dialog window is incorrectly displayed.


v. 12.3.3

- 205521: Enable additional SFTP key exchanges and ciphers by default.

- 202529: Resolved a Java Script issue that impacted the client interface.


v. 12.3.4

- 205678: When very large files are uploaded using the Web Client interface, the progress bar is not updating correctly.


v. 12.3.5

- 205749: Trigger action "Trading partner Regex File Download"  is failing against an FTP server that does not support the FEAT command.


v. 12.3.6

- 205754: Trigger action "Trading Partner Move File" is failing when the destination directory does not exist, even though the "Fail If Destination Directory Not Exists" check box is unchecked.

- 205597: A blocked IP due to too many invalid attempts does not become unblocked within the specified time-frame, if the MFT Server is restarted during the blocked period.

- 205847: A file upload error is occurring using SCP.


v. 12.3.7

- 205992: IP Substitution does not work for Web > REST on Failover process.

- 206028: An SFTP trading partner cannot use a PPK private key when it is protected by a passphrase. The "Test Server" button on the "Add STFP/SCP Trading partner" page results in an error.


v. 12.3.8

- 206149: In the Domain > Authentication node, all Service Type options (except “domain user authentication”) include a checkbox “Create user if not found using template…”.  If this field is checked, the local user account created in MFT server will be assigned a random password. In prior versions of MFT Server, the password used to authenticate against the Service Type was used in the local account.

- 206128: Password data is disclosed using Developer Tool Inspect Element in the following dialogs:

  Trading Partner (AFTP/SFTP/FTPS/AS2) -> Client Key-> Key File Password.
  Network Storage (AFTP/SFTP/FTPS/AS2) -> Client Key-> Key File Password.
  Trigger actions -> Send EMail/Send Group EMail, etc.


Release 12.3

March 2022




191493 - Added support to the administrative interface for SSO (Single Sign-on) and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

191656 - Added the ability to copy an administrative account

199757 - Added the ability to specify hosts in the Health Monitor trigger action

200347 - Added support for Bzip2 File and Bunzip2 File trigger actions

200441 - File sharing has been enhanced to include two new options: Copy Link and Internal

200514 - Added a new Trigger Action - Run Redwood process

200535 - Added context sensitive menus for all data grids that have corresponding actions

200562 - Added a new Trigger Action - Directory Listing

200572 - Added a new Trigger Action - Trading Partner Directory Listing

200601 - A rule is added to the Windows Defender firewall (if present) that allows (white-lists) the .exe application during an MFT Server installation

200674 - Added the ability to restrict access to Action Center data

200987 - Enhanced the Directory Monitor module by adding an Events tab that lists Directory Monitor Events, and also added the ability to raise and re-raise Directory Monitor events on demand

201451 - Added trigger actions to support for creating signed documents.

201458 - Upgraded third party libraries to address CVEs

201816 - A new Action Center KSF card was added to alert users that the MFT Server application needs to be updated

202375 - Enhanced the Statistics module to include additional data, a date range filter, and an export option

202565 - Updated the installation window and documentation to state that the H2 database is not recommended in a production environment

202961 - Added the ability to specify an IP address that should not be locked out if IP lockout is enabled

204035 - Added a Header row before the data rows to the exported Logging Search results.


Patches - 12.2.x


v. 12.2.1

- v. Upgrading fix


v. 12.2.2

- 200239: GUI issue on New domain - Domain Log Service dialog

- 200395: Trigger added with 'Account Created' trigger event on version 11.0/11.1 not executed on upgraded build.


v. 12.2.3

- 200497: User is not forced to reset password at next login if password is changed via REST API.

- 200542: Test password compliance REST Client API failed with '500' error message.

- 200549: File download from WebUI fails at 12GB.


v. 12.2.4

- 200460: Action Center - View button remain enabled when there is no record selected in the KSF's list

- 200791: SSH > Host Key checkbox and select box are unavailable.

- Updated Java examples


v. 12.2.5

- 200879: If action not executed with For Each action

- 200601: Add rule to Windows Defender during install

- 201537: Add ability to specify encryption and signature ciphers used in PGP related actions

- 201668: Update dialog instructions for add trigger

- 201614: Not verifying whether licenses are revoked during startup


v. 12.2.6

- 201803: Increase maximum polling period for Directory Monitor

- Allow spaces in usernames


v. 12.2.7

- 201713: Directory monitors do not run on machine they are not created on

- 202017: HTTP Request Action does not work correctly with PUT verb

- 201847: Permissions issue with ad-hoc transfers when using REST API

- 201517: "Jump to Edit Trigger action" opens wrong trigger dialog

- 201940: Upload form field value resolves to null


v. 12.2.8

- 202284: Unable to Email Files

- 202202: Update migrate datastore dialog messaging


v. 12.2.9

- 202222: Require password reset on first time login (Compliance) option is enabled, the new users are not able to see the reset form

- 202565: Update recommendations for H2 database

- 202071: Permissions issues with role based administrators

- 202522: Templates with Spaces are Failing

- 202350: Password auth via SFTP does not work with "password OR publickey"

- 202362: After Upgrade to on one of Production Instances, Network Storage Errors encountered

- 202037: Add restrictive permissions for configuration files


v. 12.2.10

- 202602: Trigger UI issue

- 202935: FreeMarker template error in Server Logs

- 202919: Client Certificate Authentication

- 202961: IP whitelisting

- 203014: Formatting issues with .CSV file generated using SQL Dump Query Action


v. 12.2.11

- 203132: Error listing sub directories

- 203181: Cannot Edit / Delete Administrator roles after upgrading from 12.1.3.X to the latest version

- 202529: Number of connections


v. 12.2.12

- 203412: Specify subfolder in "Trading Partner Regex File Download" using Google Cloud Storage

- 203437: Trading Partner Regex Download Action - Downloads the files very slow Following Upgrade


v. 12.2.13

- 203619: Debug File for Trigger Action HTTP Request is Empty

- 203437: Trading Partner Regex Download Action - Downloads the files very slow Following Upgrade



- 203619: Debug File for Trigger Action HTTP Request is Empty

- 203614: Issues with Blob storage ACL



- 203902 - User is not forced to reset password on next login when we change password using 'Change password'


Release 12.2

August 2021




187129 - Added an option to have the "divide" trigger function return the fractional part        

187512 - Added a feature to display password compliance requirements while entering password        

187811 - Added a DropZone variable to the File Upload trigger event        

189331 - Added the ability to show graphs for external uploads        

190852 - Added compliance parameters to the API (e.g. Minimum Password Length, etc.)

191129 - Added the ability to force the user to reset their password after it has been reset by an administrator        

191181 - Added the ability to drag/drop folders for upload using the web client interface        

191232 - Added the functionality to automatically re-size browser components when the window is re-sized

191290 - Added the ability to delete trigger actions and connectors using the keyboard

191291 - Added action notes when mousing over a trigger action        

191292 - Added the ability to maintain layout for trigger workflow

191322 - Added logging for directory monitor execution

191396 - Added support for HTTP Basic / Digest Authentication to HTTP Request Trigger Action        

191413 - Added PGP Regex Encrypt Files and PGP Decrypt Regex Files to Trigger Actions        

191489 - Added support for rsa-sha2-256 / rsa-sha2-512 RSA Public Key Algorithms        

191527 - Added functionality so that width adjustments to the Trigger "Names" column are retained the next login

191532 - Added support for new OpenSSH Key Format when importing keys into the Key Manager, or when referencing a key in an SFTP/SCP Trading Partner        

191587 - Added functionality so the logging database schema is updated during an upgrade        

191594 - Removed JDBC Drivers panel from the administrative interface        

191619 - Added the ability to display H2 database size in Statistics                

194290 - Improved the flow control for trigger actions        

194295 - Added the ability to pass output from one trigger action as input to another trigger action        

194312 - Added the ability to force public key authentication for SFTP at user level                

195404 - Added a new tab named Action Center, a feature that provides you with a list of recommendations on how to improve your MFT Server environment

195781 - Added functionality to update Trading Partners and Network Storage that reference JSON credentials file, making them portable for HA requirements        

196156 - Added the ability to import Domain and System keys as JSON file        

196157 - Added the ability to import Trading Partners as JSON file        

196158 - Added the ability to import Contacts as JSON file        

196266 - Made a change where dates and times are displayed in the same format across the MFT Server Manager UI

196458 - Added optional CAPTCHA support when resetting password        

196531 - Added support for logging user activity for multiple domains to a single table in the MFT Server database        

196532 - Added a requirement where, when changing a password using the Web Client interface, you must enter the original password


Patches - 12.1.x


v. 12.1.1

- FTPSERVER-4425: API to configure compliance settings

- Proxy support for Trading Partners


v. 12.1.2

- FTPSERVER-4984: The updated SMBJ library (0.10.0) is breaking SMB network storage and trading partners

- FTPSERVER-5007: Possible bug with Accept header for AS2 connections


v. 12.1.3

- FTPSERVER-5012: Skipped trigger execution for "Current Time" event type triggers executing at the same time when one trigger fails

- FTPSERVER-5022: "Operation not allowed! Current administrator has no required permissions." error during saving of a trigger when a field in one of the actions is set to a UNC path

- FTPSERVER-5024: Return key exits trigger description

- FTPSERVER-5026: Trigger Actions - Edit button become active but not functioning

- FTPSERVER-5027: SFTP trading partner configured with working server key or key file does not work within a trading partner trigger action

- FTPSERVER-5033: "HTTPS is not enabled for this domain/service." error when client's IP is blocked or if "IP Access" rules are empty


v. 12.1.4

- FTPSERVER-5028: Error when synchronizing Windows agent and Amazon S3

- FTPSERVER-5033: "HTTPS is not enabled for this domain/service." error when client's IP is blocked or if "IP Access" rules are empty

- FTPSERVER-5034: Issues with relative paths and prepended forward slashes in Trading Partner actions, Directory Monitors and related events

- FTPSERVER-5037: Can't connect to SMB Network Storage if SMB1 protocol is disabled on the server

- added required library licenses

- updated third-party libraries with vulnerability fixes


v. 12.1.5

- FTPSERVER-5038: Disable the /LostPassword URL when "Show lost password link" option is unchecked/disabled


v. 12.1.6

- FTPSERVER-5048: Trading Partner Regex File Download action fails to match files in folder inside Azure Blob Storage container

- FTPSERVER-5056: Issue with Icap Anti-virus Scan action in Triggers module


v. 12.1.7

- FTPSERVER-5054: Error when using Trading Partner Synchronization Action to copy files from Azure Blob Storage to AWS S3

- FTPSERVER-5059: "Trading partner directory download synchronization" action not synching large files


v. 12.1.8

- FTPSERVER-5061: Unsuccessful uploads left in var/web directory


v. 12.1.9

- FTPSERVER-5064: Update logging database schema on upgrade


v. 12.1.10

- FTPSERVER-5071: Checkboxes and their labels are not vertically aligned in MAC OS

- FTPSERVER-5072: Add a note on the upgrade docs related to DB logging and the need to manually alter the LOG table to add a missing column required in v12.1

- FTPSERVER-5073: Issue creating triggers when upgrading from 12.1 to 12.1 patch due to obfuscated trigger template JSON


v. 12.1.11

- AS2 content-type header fix


v. 12.1.12

- License behavior fix

- FTPSERVER-5093: Domain level PGP keys not visible in PGP Decrypt action

- FTPSERVER-5095: Synchronization fails when a server key is bounded to any service in the primary server

- FTPSERVER-5096: Fix the license maintenance date to accept builds of the same dates.


v. 12.1.14

- Database file size information in server statistics

- SSH "rsa-sha2-256" / "rsa-sha2-512" RSA public key algorithms support


v. 12.1.15

- 185740: Trigger condition gets reset to empty when editing and hitting "Next" button quickly


v. 12.1.16

- 191741: JScape version log file rotation

- 185780: API encryption support

- FTPSERVER-5008, FTPSERVER-5074: Proxy issues

- FTPSERVER-5103: Update license agreement and installer screen

- 194588: memory growth

- FTPSERVER-5103: Update license agreement and installer screen


v. 12.1.17

- 194864: Unable to upload files in multiple session

- 195582: Remediate security vulnerabilities

- 194792: Add OAUTH2 Support to Email Functions

- 185780: REST API operations encryption and passwords protection

- 195722: How to report a vulnerability to JSCAPE


v. 12.1.18

- 194902: Update sorting order of protocols in Trading Partners and Network Storage modules.

- 194996: Update sorting order of variables in Triggers module

- 195603: Getting a "500 Internal Server Error - Server error: Invalid path. (en) (2)." after successful upload done via the Web Client

- 196016: Include certificates when generating/importing PGP keys

- 196024: Unable to proceed self registration and getting 'Username does not meet compliance requirement' error message if 'Use email as login' check box enabled under 'Settings'->'Self Registration' tab.



v. 12.1.19

- 196232: Missing Subject Alternative name for CSR file.

- 196444: PGP keys generated in global keys do not have signing ability

- 195647: Issue: Extremely slow transfer using "Trading Partner File Upload" action to an SMB share

- 196194: Change password not working for users


v. 12.1.20

- 196437: New files not detected when using SMB directory monitor

- 196428: Trading Partner File Download trigger failing

- 196432: Wildcard trigger can't find *.csv files

- 195980: Multi-file scp upload from stream fails.


v. 12.1.21

- 196581: Ability to import PGP key with existing alias

- 196533: Add ability to remove UPPER clause from certain database queries


v. 12.1.22

- 196946: Update xmlbeans library due to CVE

- 196636: Add ability to migrate file based log data to database

- 196531: Add support for logging user activity for multiple domains to single table


v. 12.1.23

- Amazon S3 Trading partner issue


v. 12.1.24

- 197334: Directory monitor changes not taking effect with edit


v. 12.1.25

- 197585: Unable to send ad-hoc file transfers containing multiple files

- 197590: Domain -> Status button-> issues on Sessions/Running tabs

- Upgrading issues


v. 12.1.26

- 197854: Upgrade activemq library

- 197852: Update ant.jar for all MFT products

- 198051: AS2 Messages > Select Message > View Popup dialog is empty



Release 12.1

August 2020


New Features


FTPSERVER-4307 - Added the ability to import, export and promote Users

FTPSERVER-4365 - Added the ability to delete and purge drop zones via trigger action

FTPSERVER-4418 - Added ability to visualize ad-hoc activity

FTPSERVER-4427 - Added Notes field in user account properties

FTPSERVER-4490 - Added context sensitive mouse overs for table data

FTPSERVER-4491 - Updated the add domain wizard to make service definition optional

FTPSERVER-4519 - Added the ability to consume messages from Amazon SQS

FTPSERVER-4553 - Added support for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

FTPSERVER-4554 - Make global network interface dropdowns more intuitive

FTPSERVER-4559 - Added Synchronization support

FTPSERVER-4580 - Added the ability to send emails to Groups

FTPSERVER-4583 - Added the ability to send a file via HTTP/S Post Request

FTPSERVER-4590 - Added minute level granularity to Directory Monitor File Aged event

FTPSERVER-4591 - Added a Trigger function that checks whether a trigger has recently executed

FTPSERVER-4603 - Added a Trigger function to obtain header and body from MIME messages

FTPSERVER-4609 - Added a tooltip for the User search SQL LIKE checkbox

FTPSERVER-4622 - Add the ability create domain level keys

FTPSERVER-4623 - Added the ability to limit local file paths for certain administrative roles

FTPSERVER-4624 - Added the ability to download file directly from AS2 Messages / OFTP Messages modules

FTPSERVER-4625 - Added the ability to restrict Server Statistics view for certain administrative roles

FTPSERVER-4626 - Added the ability to restrict License access for certain administrative roles

FTPSERVER-4635 - Added the ability to limit the number of Users and Trading Partners in a domain

FTPSERVER-4637 - Added the ability to copy an administrative Role

FTPSERVER-4639 - Added the ability to restrict trigger functions and event types

FTPSERVER-4685 - Added Google Drive support

FTPSERVER-4700 - Added applicationInstanceId to activity logs

FTPSERVER-4712 - Added a popup window to confirm a password reset for first time login users

FTPSERVER-4720 - Added a Last Run property to Triggers and Directory Monitors modules

FTPSERVER-4727 - Added the ability to respond to global action success/failure at trigger level

FTPSERVER-4768 - Added support for Core License Type

FTPSERVER-4791 - Added the Local Directory Trading Partner type

FTPSERVER-4792 - Added Agent to Trading Partner list in Trading Partner-related Trigger Actions

FTPSERVER-4805 - Added Agent protocol to Network Storage module

FTPSERVER-4842 - Added the option to preserve the timestamp on files copied with Copy REGEX File action




FTPSERVER-4443 - Improved relationship between "Restrict User Path To" and default path for users created via Template

FTPSERVER-4481 - Hid domains whose HTTP/S service are not enabled from the domain drop down Web UI login screen

FTPSERVER-4618 - Changed the level of scope - From MFT Server (Relaying party) to Identity provider while using OpenID Connect

FTPSERVER-4632 - Renamed OFTP Messages to OFTP2 Messages

FTPSERVER-4633 - Performed a Library Audit and updated libraries where needed

FTPSERVER-4640 - Removed Logging Settings tabs from view if permissions not enabled

FTPSERVER-4648 - Renamed REST trading partner and network storage to JSCAPE REST

FTPSERVER-4650 - Enabled MFT Server to auto-check for presence of strong ciphers during installation and update definitions for Weak, Medium, Strong

FTPSERVER-4736 - Introduced additional options in js-kickuser command line

FTPSERVER-4793 - Changed refresh rate for Domains panel to every 30 seconds

FTPSERVER-4824 - Streamlined Password Reset (Lost Password) flow when user account has "Allow Password Reset" unchecked


Bug Fixes


FTPSERVER-4604 - Fixed misleading validation message for 'Trading Partner name' field under 'PUT /management​/trading-partners​/{domain-name}​/{partner-name} Update/Copy trading partner' API

FTPSERVER-4605 - Fixed an issue in the REST API that displayed 'Error: Unsupported Media Type' error message.

FTPSERVER-4610 - Fixed misleading validation message for 'Key alias/Format' fields under 'GET /management​/keystore​/keys​/server​/{alias}​/export-pub Export server public key' API

FTPSERVER-4611 - Fixed issue where REST API -'GET /management​/keystore​/keys​/server List server keys' API executed with wrong algorithm name

FTPSERVER-4612 - Fixed misleading cookie-related errors

FTPSERVER-4617 - Fixed issue in the REST API that displayed 'Could not render this component, see the console.'

FTPSERVER-4627 - Fixed an issue in the REST API that displayed a key length field value of '-1'

FTPSERVER-4628 - Fixed an issue in the REST API that displayed '406 Error: Not Acceptable' error message

FTPSERVER-4655 - Fixed issue with ToLowerCase and ToUpperCase functions in triggers

FTPSERVER-4657 - Fixed faulty PasswordChanged variable in trigger condition

FTPSERVER-4671 - Fixed defective session timeout

FTPSERVER-4682 - Fixed issue where Triggers module variables disappear after the Apply button is clicked

FTPSERVER-4684 - Fixed inability to generate keys from web user interface when Network Storage is used as the root directory

FTPSERVER-4693 - Fixed several related Web admin bugs

FTPSERVER-4696 - Fixed issue that prevented certain triggers with Account Created, Account Updated, or Account Deleted events from firing

FTPSERVER-4698 - Fixed issue that prevented user creation and editing in web user interface

FTPSERVER-4702 - Fixed issue that prevented HTTPS access to Web UI section if HTTPS used a DSA key

FTPSERVER-4709 - Fixed issue where the web portal password change/reset didn't record all password characters

FTPSERVER-4715 - Fixed issue where AS2 HTTPS would not disable in the administrative Web UI

FTPSERVER-4716 - Fixed issue that prevented the self registration form from honoring regex for username requirement

FTPSERVER-4721 - Fixed issue where WebDAV HTTP/HTTPS would not disable in the administrative Web UI

FTPSERVER-4722 - Fixed issue that prevented Directory Monitor File Added event trigger from returning certain expected variables

FTPSERVER-4746 - Fixed issue where clicking Add Variable in the Authentication module returned 'undefined'

FTPSERVER-4747 - Fixed issue that caused the Add Variable button to be inactive in Settings > Manager Service > Authentication

FTPSERVER-4875 - Fixed issue where Trigger action in Success workflow executed twice if the action failed for any reason.



12.0.x patches


v. 12.0.1

- FTPSERVER-4608: PGP encryption leaves plain text file upon upload with delete permission removed

- FTPSERVER-4615: "SSL/TLS Cipher Suites" selection is not working

- FTPSERVER-4613: Server keys generated in version 12 not usable via web interface


v. 12.0.2

- FTPSERVER-4629: Banned Files feature also rejects non-banned files that are uploaded at the same time as a banned file

- Fixed REST API documentation errors


- FTPSERVER-4636: Role based user unable to see Users even with proper permissions

- FTPSERVER-4638: Unsaved changes dialog displayed when navigating away from Logging module

- FTPSERVER-4642: Generated client keys not populated at 'Add/Edit' user popup dialog under 'Client Keys' section.

- FTPSERVER-4643: Unable to access 'Time Access' module for role based domain even though 'Read/Write' permissions allowed

- FTPSERVER-4645: Trigger condition override not saving correctly

- FTPSERVER-4620: OFTP Messages module visible when AS2 Messages permissions granted

- FTPSERVER-4650: Check for presence of strong ciphers during installation and update definitions for Weak, Medium, Strong


v. 12.0.3

- SQL query actions retry feature

- FTPSERVER-4612: Misleading cookies related errors

- FTPSERVER-4669: Directory listing enabled on web application


v. 12.0.4

- DSA key length > 1024 bits fix

- FTPSERVER-4682: Variables under Triggers module has gone missing

- FTPSERVER-4684: Unable to generate keys from client interface when using Network storage as root directory


v. 12.0.5

- FTPSERVER-4535: Horizontal scroll bar is not available when more than 3 actions in the Start/Finish flow

- FTPSERVER-4686: Error displayed when generating Public Key pair using DSA


v. 12.0.6

- FTPSERVER-4693: Several related Web admin bugs


v. 12.0.7

- FTPSERVER-4690: Have the /management/triggers/{domain-name}/{trigger-name}/run call return the event_id in the response body

- FTPSERVER-4691: A new Management REST API call to retrieve the status of a trigger execution given an event_id

- FTPSERVER-4703: Reset password - password is in clear text

- FTPSERVER-4706: "Sql Query" action errors out with "java.lang.NullPointerException" after upgrading from 11.1/11.2 to 12.0

- FTPSERVER-4712: A popup window on confrimation after reset password for first time login users if the option is enabled in compliance module

- FTPSERVER-4701: Panel in Add/Edit User not maximized to fill entire dialog window

- FTPSERVER-4709: Web portal password change/reset does not record all password characters

- FTPSERVER-4715: AS2 HTTPS not marking as disabled

- FTPSERVER-4721: WebDav HTTP/HTTPS not marking as disabled

- FTPSERVER-4722: Remote directory monitor file add event trigger does not return expected values for variables 1. %LocalPath% 2. %File% when the file is added to sub directory

- FTPSERVER-4723: Nessus scan throws: The following CGIs are not protected by a random token : /LostPassword


v. 12.0.8

- FTPSERVER-4728: Command line utility to set AWS region in Trading Partner and Network Storage objects

- FTPSERVER-4733: Add instructions to actions step of create/edit trigger.


v. 12.0.9

- FTPSERVER-4746: Authentication > Undefined Variables on Add Variable (Database,LDAP and LDAP Query)

- AS2 async MDN failure notification


v. 12.0.10

- FTPSERVER-4747: 'Add variable" button is inactive in Manager Service -> Authentication options


v. 12.0.11

- FTPSERVER-4760: Upload failure when upload form set to Batch mode

- FTPSERVER-4773: Remaining "Current Time" event triggers are queued when they execute at the same time and the previous trigger failed

- FTPSERVER-4774: MFT Server fails to start when a domain is configured with database logging and the database containing the LOG table can't be reached

- FTPSERVER-4790: Multiple active synchronized nodes and issue with writing concurrently to the same domain log file

- FTPSERVER-4800: Null pointer exception > On creating a trigger through REST API without description field returns success. After creating the trigger Login into > Admin Console Navigating to > Triggers return Null pointer exception

- FTPSERVER-4801: SFTP service configured with "password AND publickey" authentication is incompatible with the OpenSSH SFTP command line client


v. 12.0.12

- FTPSERVER-4243: Account added by a domain administrator is not getting synced to the failover server

- FTPSERVER-4821: "Client Port", "Server Port" and "Block Period" fields of "Gateway Block Ip" action will not allow variable


v. 12.0.13

- FTPSERVER-4832: Amazon S3 Network Storage > Not able to view/list more than 1000 files

- FTPSERVER-4848: Cross site scripting vulnerability -CVE-2020-11022


v. 12.0.14

- FTPSERVER-4860: Character length limitation to Directory Name when created from "User Virtual Path ->Real Path->Select Path dialog


v. 12.0.15

- FTPSERVER-4849: "Insufficient Session Expiration" Vulnerability

- FTPSERVER-4886: Admin password change is not propagated to the failover server


v. 12.0.16

- FTPSERVER-4887: Role with Triggers only permission unable to see any data in Triggers module


v. 12.0.17

- socket backlog increased to 128


v. 12.0.18

- Jersey WADL generation feature disabled by default

- SMBJ library update

- database connections thread lock issue


v. 12.0.19

- FTPSERVER-4895: Services - HTTP/S tab - GUI issue on Web Resources


v. 12.0.20

- FTPSERVER-3786: HTML UI is slow to load and slow to scroll down when account has lots of files. Tested with 12K files



Release 12.0

January 3, 2020


New Features


FTPSERVER-4253 - Added the ability to message all Users

FTPSERVER-4254 - Added the ability to message all Trading Partners

FTPSERVER-4344 - Added entries in the domain logs that enable admins to identify when a client key is used during authentication

FTPSERVER-4347 - Added the Drop Zone Created event to Triggers module

FTPSERVER-4353 - Added the option to clear records in the domain database logs when they exceed a specified number of days

FTPSERVER-4359 - Add support for ECDSA key pairs

FTPSERVER-4364 - Simplified exchange of AS2 trading partner credentials

FTPSERVER-4369 - Redesigned the Trigger Action workflow

FTPSERVER-4372 - Added Triggers metric to Dashboard, Domains > Domain, and Domains > Domain > Status

FTPSERVER-4373 - Add ability to clear selected recent triggers

FTPSERVER-4374 - Added Logins metric to Dashboard, Domains > Domain, and Domains > Domain > Status

FTPSERVER-4400 - Added the ability to control drag and drop functionality in the user web interface

FTPSERVER-4407 - Added the ability to differentiate between domain admin users and regular users when a new user is created

FTPSERVER-4421 - Added functionality that prevents disabling of REST ports (Settings Web > Rest )

FTPSERVER-4433 - Added support for Azure Data Lake Gen 1 as Trading Partner and Network Storage

FTPSERVER-4449 - Added support for Subject Alternative Name field when generating keys

FTPSERVER-4450 - Added support for ecdh-sha2-nistp256, ecdh-sha2-nistp384, ecdh-sha2-nistp521 and key exchange algorithms

FTPSERVER-4505 - Added a synchronization period for custom database in GUI installer

FTPSERVER-4508 - Added support for Move File event

FTPSERVER-4509 - Add support for Copy File event

FTPSERVER-4534 - Improved Form UI

FTPSERVER-4551 - Changed endpoint suffix for MS Azure Storage Trading Partner and Network Storage





FTPSERVER-4127 - Updated the file to include all available properties and additional information to make it easier to use

FTPSERVER-4340 - Updated 'Run trigger in single instance mode' to support skip and queue

FTPSERVER-4341 - Updated the Condition builder in the Triggers module

FTPSERVER-4342 - Added createdDate attribute to objects with version attribute

FTPSERVER-4343 - Added the ability to limit actions to certain trigger actions in Administrative Roles

FTPSERVER-4363 - Minor improvements to AS2 Inbound user interface

FTPSERVER-4368 - Made minor improvement to export search result dialog

FTPSERVER-4411 - Added context sensitive help for Variables and Functions in Trigger actions dialog

FTPSERVER-4414 - Added context sensitive help to Add/Edit Virtual Path for variables and functions

FTPSERVER-4432 - Added Transfer rate property to AFTP connections



Bug Fixes


FTPSERVER-4181 - Fixed date issue for the messages received through AS2 protocol

FTPSERVER-4358 - Amended Date Range criteria in Logging module to restrict inputs

FTPSERVER-4387 - Fixed issue that caused upgrades to 11.2.1 to produce a DB upgrade error

FTPSERVER-4393 - Fixed issue where setting 'Logging > Syslog' to a hostname that couldn't be resolved resulted in a startup failure

FTPSERVER-4485 - Fixed issue where domain_trigger_state SQL update statement is slow in MS SQLServer

FTPSERVER-4577 - Unobfuscated the *PublicKeyCodec classes under com.jscape.util.keystore to aid in the imports of OpenSSH, Putty, etc public keys via the Java Management API


11.2.x patches


v. 11.2.1

- FTPSERVER-4375: Domains very slow to load when using database logging

- FTPSERVER-4376: Issues on Domain -> Status

- FTPSERVER-4378: SSL/TLS ciphers selection is not in effect


v. 11.2.2

- FTPSERVER-3397: Domain Administration Template

- FTPSERVER-4385: Binding the HTTP/S service (Settings > Web > Web) to a used port or to a non-existent IP address results in a startup failure

- FTPSERVER-4387: Upgrading to 11.2.1 produces DB upgrade error

- FTPSERVER-4386: As2 Trading Partner encryption algorithm always defaults to AES128-CBC


v. 11.2.3

- FTPSERVER-4393: Startup failure when "Logging > Syslog" is set to a hostname that can't be resolved

- FTPSERVER-4406: User is able to login to User web interface though the Domain stopped


v. 11.2.4

- FTPSERVER-4392: Error log generated when installing production build

- FTPSERVER-4405: Expire after X days on the User template is not carried over on the Web Portal

- FTPSERVER-4409: Load Testing - DB Connections remain open for some time



v. 11.2.5

- FTPSERVER-4401: Domain admin unable to change users passwords

- FTPSERVER-4419: Account Owner changes if another Admin modifies the account

- FTPSERVER-4420: Domain administrator can't change passwords for owned users if their account has "Allow Password Change" disabled

- FTPSERVER-4424: Buttons are not displayed properly on the Clients web interface

- FTPSERVER-4431: Manual failover sync ("Synchronize State" button) does not take into account the state of the "Start domain/services after synchronization" option

- FTPSERVER-4436: Java Management API examples are not working


v. 11.2.6

- FTPSERVER-4444: Decrypting .PGP/.GPG file using PGP Decrypt trigger action adding .pln extenstion to the decrypted file


v. 11.2.7

- FTPSERVER-4455: Thread deadlock causing MFT Server to hang


v. 11.2.8

- FTPSERVER-4464: Logs from "Copy Regex file" shows the file has been "moved" instead of a "copy"

- FTPSERVER-4465: ManagerSubsystem.updateAdministrator() method is not working in v11.2


v. 11.2.9

- FTPSERVER-4191: Update to Directory Monitors to handle HA environment

- FTPSERVER-4473: Disabling the Syslog service results in an "Internal server error!" error


v. 11.2.10

- FTPSERVER-4475: "There is no internet connection" error at exactly 30mins on long uploads done via a dropzone

- FTPSERVER-4478: Add latency support to Trading Partner Regex File Download


v. 11.2.11

- FTPSERVER-4480: "External File Download" fired during downloads that failed checksum


v. 11.2.12

- FTPSERVER-4485: domain_trigger_state SQL update statement is slow in MS SQLServer


v. 11.2.13

- FTPSERVER-4512: TradingPartnerRegexFileDownloadAction for an SMB TP fails with "directory must end with '/'" exception for SMB1 server (Windows 2003)


v. 11.2.14

- FTPSERVER-4526: SMB trading partner test does not do an actual authentication check


v. 11.2.15

- FTPSERVER-4533: Trigger stuck in running state cannot be cleared


v. 11.2.16

- FTPSERVER-4439: 'Monitor recursively' check box gets unchecked at 'Edit Directory Monitors' mode.


v. 11.2.17

- FTPSERVER-4544: Ability to disable storing of trigger state information

- FTPSERVER-4545: Filename is changed when receiving As2 message with polish characters

- FTPSERVER-4546: 'Create DB' using Oracle fails with error "ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis"

- FTPSERVER-4548: 'Use trading partner' field in Directory Monitor module not populating


v. 11.2.18

- FTPSERVER-4561: Last Login Date not being updated

- FTPSERVER-4562: "Require password reset on first time login" loop

- FTPSERVER-4563: ManagerSubsystem.keys().getClientPublicKeys() method returns empty

- FTPSERVER-4181: Date issue for the messages received through AS2 protocol

- FTPSERVER-4577: Unobfuscate the *PublicKeyCodec classes under com.jscape.util.keystore to aid in the imports of OpenSSH, Putty, etc public keys via the Java Management API


v. 11.2.19

- FTPSERVER-4584: Unable to access subdirectories in S3 when directory does not already exist

- FTPSERVER-4581: Unable to upload large files to S3 bucket

- FTPSERVER-4587: 'Cannot upload file: I/O error.' error message displayed when trying to upload 1 GB file using 'Drop Box' network storage mapped user.



Release 11.2






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