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JSCAPE MFT Synchronizer is a platform independent file synchronization server centralizing all of your synchronization processes into a single easy to use web based application.  JSCAPE MFT Synchronizer supports all major file transfer protocols including FTP/S, SFTP, AFTP (Accelerated File Transfer Protocol) and HTTP/S as well as an optional platform independent Agent application that may be installed on hosts that do not have a file transfer service.


Utilizing a hub and spoke network topology JSCAPE MFT Synchronizer is able to synchronize files from spoke to hub, hub to spoke or spoke to spoke all with ease and complete visibility.



Example Uses


Synchronize files between hosts using any combination of file transfer protocols
Push and/or pull files on an on-demand or scheduled basis




Feature Summary


Web based interface for local and remote administrative access from anywhere
Support for multiple copy conditions including different time, different size and different content
Detailed synchronization execution history providing visibility into your synchronization processes
Support for multiple synchronization modes including mirror, synchronize, backup and contribute
Automated email alerts on synchronization status
Support for public key and client certificate authentication
Built in scheduler for automating synchronizations
Support for host key and certificate validation
RESTful API for integrating with external applications



Sample configuration

Below is a sample configuration showing how JSCAPE MFT Synchronizer and JSCAPE MFT Synchronizer Agent may be used. Note that this configuration is only for illustrative purposes. Real world configurations may vary based on the customer's specific use case.


Figure 100



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