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JSCAPE MFT Server Plugin for Outlook can be used in combination with a compatible Outlook email client and JSCAPE MFT Server to perform ad-hoc email transfers.  Ad-hoc email transfers offer a method in which users can email files to any valid email address while avoiding the problems typically associated with emailing files.  


Unlike a typical email client that attaches files to an email message and sends the email message to the recipient, ad-hoc email transfer send a very small email message to the user with one or more automatically generated web based links embedded in the body of the message.


Ad-hoc email transfers provide the following benefits:


Avoid bounced emails due to large file attachments or strict firewall rules at the email server.

Avoid clogging recipients inbox with large files allowing user to download files at their leisure.

Email multiple files with ease.

Receive optional notification when recipient picks up files.

Streamline document collaboration both internally and with customers.

Restrict access to content after a given period of time.

Email files to users without having to create a user account on the server.