Common AS2 message errors

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The table below (Figure 303) contains a list of common AS2 message errors sometimes shown when receiving AS2 messages. These errors are typically caused by configuration issues on the server and/or client side.


Message errors are found in the AS2 Messages module and may be obtained by selecting an AS2 message request or receipt and then clicking View.


Figure 301





Message information is then displayed in the Error description field for a request or in the Disposition-modifier field for a receipt.


Figure 302





Figure 303

List of Common AS2 Error Messages


Error Message

Possible Reason


Service Unavailable (503)

AS2 service is not enabled

Enable AS2 service in Settings > Web > AS2

AS2 HTTPS access not enabled for domain <domainname>. (503)

AS2 service is not enabled for the specified domain

Add an AS2 service for the domain in the Services module

Invalid authorization credentials (401)

Sender is not recognized as a valid trading partner

Ensure that a valid trading partner is defined in the Trading Partners module. The trading partner must have an AS2 "To ID" that matches the AS2-From header of incoming AS2 messages

Missing authorization credentials (400)

Sender is not authenticating with a username/password

Unauthenticated AS2 messages must be bound to a domain/username. See Settings > Web > AS2 > Inbound > Bind unauthenticated transfers to domain/user

Signing key not present (500)

Trading partner requires a signed receipt. Receipt signing key is not defined

Enable the receipt signing key in Settings > Web > AS2 > Decryption & Signature

Receipt signature verification certificate not found

The signing certificate for the trading partner is not found

Import a signing certificate for the trading partner in Keys > Host Keys

Cannot overwrite existing file <filename> (500)

AS2 is configured to disallow overwriting incoming files with the same name

In Settings > Web > AS2 > Inbound, enable the "Overwrite | Generate unique file when existing file found" option

Disposition modifier - error: insufficient-message-security

Message was sent unencrypted and/or without a signature

Disable encryption and/or signature requirements in Settings > Web > AS2 > Inbound, or request that the trading partner encrypt and/or sign messages




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