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To email files via the MFT Server Web Client select one or more files and/or directories and click the Email File(s) button.  A dialog will be displayed prompting you for additional information.


Figure 92





To - The email address to send the email message to.  Multiple addresses may be separated using a comma.  Existing contacts may be selected by clicking the Contacts icon next to To field.


Cc - Adds Cc (carbon-copy) email addresses.


Bcc - Adds Bcc (blind-carbon-copy) email addresses.


From - The From address to send the email message from.  This will default to the email address of the user sending the ad-hoc email.  If no email address is found then the From address defined in Settings > Email will be used.


Reply-To - Sets Reply-To header for email message, providing a Reply-To address that may be different than the default From email address.


Subject - The subject of the message.


Message - Custom message to send to recipient.


Files - The files to send.


Password protect with - If password protection is enabled then user may have the option to specify a password.  Options available include:


user-defined password sent out-of-band - Sender specifies a password that is communicated to recipient out-of-band (e.g. over the phone or other method)
random password sent via email - A random password is generated by the server and included in email message sent to recipient.


Expires - The number of days for which these files may be accessed by the recipient.


Max downloads - The maximum number of times recipient may download files.


Delete after max downloads - Automatically deletes file after maximum number of downloads is reached.



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