Enabling OFTP2

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To enable OFTP go to the Services module for your domain, click the Add button, and select OFTP from the protocol drop-down list (See Adding services).  Enter pertinent details once the Add OFTP Service dialog is displayed.


Figure 216




Host/IP - The IP address that this service will listen on.  Use the address to listen on all available network interfaces.


Port - The port that this service will listen on.


Identification code - The code used to identify this OFTP service.


Private key - The private encryption key that this service will use for encrypted communications.


Bind unauthenticated transfers to user - If checked, binds connections made without credentials (username/password) to a specific username.


Use SSL/TLS - If checked, connections must be made securely using SSL/TLS.


Require file encryption - If checked, file transfers must be encrypted.


Require file signature - If checked, file transfers must be signed.





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