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JMS (Java Message Service) may be used to publish subscribed MFT Server events to an external JMS message queue.  This is particularly useful in cases where you want to capture an event on MFT Server but require that it be processed by another service.


You may choose which events you want to be published to a JMS message queue.  This allows you to handle some event types locally while others may be processed by a remote JMS message queue.  Note, events that are published to JMS message queue WILL NOT be processed by domain level Triggers for your instance of MFT Server.


To configure those events to be published to a JMS message queue select the Triggers > JMS pane for the desired domain.


Figure 209






Publish subscribed events to JMS server - If checked, subscribed events will be published to JMS server.




Broker URL - The JMS broker URL.


Queue name - The JMS queue name.


Username - The JMS service username.


Password - The JMS service password.


Pending events queue size - The maximum number of events to hold in queue for sending to JMS service.




Host key -The host key to use when verifying certificate of remote JMS service.


Subscribed events


Check those event types that you would like to be published to JMS queue.



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