Manager service settings

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The Manager Service node may be used to change the administrative password for the MFT Server Service as well as other properties.


Viewing administrative logs

Restricting administrative access by IP

Customizing administrator authentication method

Managing administrators

Managing administrative roles

Managing administrative tags


Figure 164






Host/IP - The IP address that the MFT Server Service is running on.


Port - The port that the MFT Server Service is running on.


Timeout - Manager timeout in seconds when communicating with MFT Server Service.



Figure 107




Authentication timeout - The amount of time in seconds that administrative service client may remain connected without authenticating.


Block IP after - Blocks a client IP address after X invalid authentication attempts within Y minutes.


As an improved security measure you may define what IP addresses are allowed or disallowed access to access the administrative service.


IP mask examples


Examples of valid IP masks are as follows: - Allows/Blocks a single IP address

192.168.1.* - Allows/Blocks all IP addresses in a class C IP block.

192.168.*.* - Allows/Blocks all IP addresses in a class B IP block.

*.*.*.* - Allows/Blocks all IP addresses.


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