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MFT Server includes support for encrypted file transfer protocols, OpenPGP encryption, as well as other features that use cryptographic elements. In order to take advantage of these security features you must create one or more keys that may then be used for encrypting your sessions and/or files, performing public key authentication, performing (digital) certificate-based server or client authentication, applying digital signatures, and other related tasks.


Key management is performed in two places:


1. In the Keys module found in the top menu bar (see Figure 22 below)

2. In the SECURITY > Keys module of every domain (see Figure 332 below)




Keys and certificates created in the top Keys menu are global entities that can be used anywhere in MFT Server, including in all the domains belonging to this particular MFT Server instance. On the other hand, keys and certificates created in the SECURITY > Keys module of a domain can only be used within that particular domain.




Server keys

Client keys
OpenPGP keys



Figure 22






Figure 332











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