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MFT Server enables you to set up synchronization processes between various hosts, regardless whether those hosts have built-in file transfer protocols like FTP/S, SFTP, Amazon S3, and many others, or have no file transfer protocol at all. Synchronization can be configured using different variations of a hub and spoke network topology, such as spoke-to-hub, hub-to-spoke, and even spoke-to-spoke.


So, for example, you may set up synchronizations between:


MFT Server and an FTP/S host
MFT Server and an SFTP host
MFT Server and an Amazon S3
An SFTP host and Amazon S3
Amazon S3 and Azure Files


MFT Server supports a wide range of trading partner protocols, so you can set up several more synchronization combinations.


Synchronizing with a host with no file transfer protocol


MFT Server also supports synchronizations with hosts that don't have any file transfer protocol service. To perform synchronizations with these hosts, you can simply install the MFT Server Agent on them. MFT Server Agent is a platform independent, low footprint, low maintenance application that communicates with your MFT Server instance via the Agent service.

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