Reporting on log data

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To create a report click on the Reports node for the desired domain.  A list of existing reports will be displayed.


Figure 38




Name - The name of the report.


Date - The date the report was created.


Description - The report description.


Search - The optional search result used to generate this report.


Status - The percentage of report completed.


Refresh - To refresh the current report view and update report status.


Add - Add a report.


Edit - Edit a report.


View - View selected report.


Re-run - Re-run selected report.


Delete - Delete selected report.



Adding a report


Click on the Add button.  The Add Report dialog is displayed.


Figure 45




Name - A unique name for this report.


Description - A description of this report.


Metrics - The metrics you wish to include in this report.


Search results - A search result to use when running this report.


Re-run search - Enable if you wish to re-run search results.








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