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URL branding allows you to specify one or more custom login pages when using the web interface.  This is useful in shared environments where you have several customers / users accessing a single domain and you want them each to have their own custom logo displayed.


Creating URL branding


To create a URL branding instance go to the URL Branding module in MFT Server Manager.


Figure 137




Click the Add button.  The Add URL Branding dialog is displayed.


Figure 239




Name - A unique alpha-numeric name used to identify this URL branding instance.  This name will be used in generating the URL used for accessing the login page.


Logo - The logo to display in login and subsequent pages when accessing and logging in via URL.


Owner - Optional owner field.  This may be set to a domain administrator.  If the domain administrator has rights to manage URL branding instances then they will be able to manage this URL branding instance from the web interface.


Tags - Use tags to limit the administrators that may have access to this URL branding.


URL - The URL to use to access this URL branded instance.


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