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The Ad-Hoc Activity module is where you'll find relevant information that can help you visualize ad-hoc file transfer activity from a domain perspective.


When you navigate into the Ad-Hoc Activity module, the first thing you'll see is a table containing the following information for each ad-hoc file transfer activity:


Date - The time and date when the ad-hoc file transfer was carried out


Subject - The subject line of the ad-hoc email


From - The email address of the user who initiated the the ad-hoc file transfer


To - The email address of the recipient


Files - The number of files sent in the file transfer


Downloads - The number of successful downloads of the file(s) that were sent


Status - The status of the ad-hoc file transfer, e.g. 'Active' means the download link has not yet expired and, provided the maximum number of downloads (if set) has not yet been reached, the recipient can still continue downloading file(s)



Figure 324





From this screen, administrative users can:



Specify how many entries will be included per page


clip0325Figure 325


Navigate between pages


clip0326Figure 326


Refresh the page


clip0327Figure 327


and search for certain entries among the activities


clip0328Figure 328



In addition, administrative users may also click the following buttons:


View - to view additional information about a particular ad-hoc file transfer, including a list of client IP addresses that performed the download of specified file, the expiry date/time of the ad-hoc file transfer, and others.


Extend - enables administrators to extend the ad-hoc file transfer beyond the current expiry date


Revoke - enables administrators to revoke the selected ad-hoc file transfer(s). Once confirmed, recipients will no longer be able to download files via this ad-hoc file transfer







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