Viewing log data

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Log data may be viewed using any text editor or SQL client depending on the logging datastore used.  Optionally you may use the Logging > Running tab of MFT Server Manager to view up to the last 1000 records of log activity.


The following entries are included in the domain log:


Date of log entry
Time stamp of log entry
Client IP address
Client port number
Server IP address
Server port number
Client request
Client URL stem
Status response from server
Message from server
Bytes sent from client to server
Bytes sent from server to client
Unique session ID
The Application Instance ID that handled the request. This ID uniquely identifies a particular MFT Server instance and can help administrators distinguish between nodes in a multi-node HA cluster. If this MFT Server instance is not part of a HA cluster, then this value will simply be the Application Instance ID of this instance.


Fields where data is not available are represented by a "-". All fields are space delimited and enclosed by a quote where needed.


Figure 39





View last X records - The number of records you want to view from end of domain log.


Pause/Resume Log - Pauses/resumes running view of log.



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