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SSH Factory for .NET provides easy to use client implementations for SSH protocols.


Target audience


This document is intended to serve as a technical guide to using the SSH Factory for .NET™ component. Readers should be proficient in writing .NET applications. A basic understanding of SSH, and networking protocols is also helpful.


General features


Covers all major protocols - SSH Factory for .NET includes client implementations for SSH protocols.


RFC compliant - SSH Factory for .NET is fully compliant with SSH.


Scripting API - Comprehensive yet easy to use API offers automation of SSH processes.


100% managed C# - SSH Factory for .NET is written from the ground up using C# with no dependencies on 3rd party libraries.


Thread safe - Thread safety is built in by design with critical code blocks synchronized for use by multiple threads.


Delegate event model - SSH Factory for .NET uses the .NET delegate event model allowing developers to easily capture events fired from SSH Factory for .NET components.


Royalty-free distribution - Distribute the SSH Factory for .NET component with applications royalty free without incurring any additional runtime fees.


Source code available - Source code for SSH Factory for .NET is available (Enterprise License) allowing developers to easily customize components.