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A group is a named set of virtual directories and file system permissions that may be assigned to zero or more user accounts.  This is useful in the event you wish to manage permissions for multiple users based on user roles.  To view a list of groups click on the Groups node for the desired domain.




Adding a group

Adding users to a group

Editing a group

Copying a group

Deleting a group

Emailing group members




Figure 26




Adding a Group


To add a group click on the Add button in the lower right corner.  The Add Group dialog will be displayed.


Figure 27




Name - The unique name for this group.


Path - The unique virtual path for this group.


Real path - The real physical directory for this path.  Note: You will be able to add more virtual paths and permissions using the Edit Group function.


Network Storage - The network storage to associate with this virtual path.



Adding users to a group


To add users to a group, select an existing group and then click the Users button.


Figure 350





Select the users you wish to add to the group and then click OK.


Figure 351





Editing a Group


To edit a group, highlight the group name you would like to edit and click the Edit button.  The Edit Group dialog is displayed.


Figure 31




Path - The virtual path.


Real Path/Network Storage - The real path or network storage this path is mapped to.


Permissions - The permission settings for this path.



Copying a group


To copy a group, select the group you want to copy and then click the Copy button.



Figure 352





Give the new group a name and then click OK.


Note: When you copy a group, only the group's virtual path details and permissions will be copied. You still have to add users to the newly created group.


Figure 353





Deleting a group


To delete a group, select the group you want to delete and then click the Delete button.


Figure 354





Emailing group members


To send an email to members of a particular group, select the group in question and then click the Email Members button.


Figure 356





Enter the subject and message for this email and then click OK.


Figure 355




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