Setting IP based access

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As an improved security measure you may define what IP addresses are allowed or disallowed access to your domain services.  To view a list of IP access rules click on the IP Access node for the desired domain.


Add IP access rule

IP mask examples


Figure 29




IP Mask - The IP address mask.


Access - Indicates whether access is allowed or denied.


Reason - The reason access is allowed or denied.


Access rules are processed in the order listed.  For each connection the first matching access rule will be used.  Therefore it is important that the access rules be ordered correctly to prevent a user from being mistakenly denied or granted access.  You may use the Up and Down buttons to order these access rules to suit your needs.


If you are adding a deny rule whether it is in CIDR notation, wildcard mask or individual IP please make sure to place (bring up) the rule to the top.


Add IP access rule


To add an access rule click on the Add button in the lower right corner.  This will display the Add IP Access Rule dialog.


Figure 30




IP mask - The IP address or IP address mask to allow or deny access. Both wildcard (e.g. 192.168.1.*) and CIDR (e.g. notations are supported.


Reason - Reason access is allowed or denied.


Access allowed - Select to have access allowed. See note below.


Access denied - Select to have access denied.




As per features discussed in the Setting connection preferences section, you can disable a user or IP address under certain circumstances (see Figure 398). When access is allowed for an IP address, and a rule has been established to disable IPs and/or disable users, and the disabling event occurs, the allowed IP or the user matching the allowed IP will not be disabled, because the allowed IP's are designed to bypass the disable rules. To summarize, the allowed IP(s) added in this module take precedence over the disable rules set in the Connections module. Should a disable event occur that is associated with an allowed IP, you will still see a record in the IP access grid that states the event happened (e.g. there were too many invalid authentication attempts), but as stated, no disabling will occur. Always make sure any allowed IP's are trusted.


The "Disable" rules that are bypassed for allowed IPs (should the disabling event occur) are checked in the image below.  The image is taken from the Domain > Connections module.


 Figure 398




IP mask examples


Examples of valid IP masks are as follows: - Allows/Blocks a single IP address

192.168.1.* - Allows/Blocks all IP addresses in a class C IP block.

192.168.*.* - Allows/Blocks all IP addresses in a class B IP block. - Allows/Blocks all IP addresses from to - Allows/Blocks all IP addresses from to

*.*.*.* - Allows/Blocks all IP addresses.




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