Creating custom function types

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The extensibility of MFT Server Triggers is not limited to the creation of custom action types, MFT Server's extensible API also enables you to create your own custom functions.


For a custom function class to work, it must:


Extend the abstract class com.jscape.inet.mft.Function;
Implement the abstract methods: getName(), getTemplates(), and evaluate(Object[] value)


Other requirements


Before you compile your custom function, make sure you include all Java libraries found in the libs directory relative to your MFT Server installation in your IDE project CLASSPATH.


To make your custom functions accessible from MFT Server, you must create a JAR archive that contains your custom functions, place it in the libs/ext directory relative to your MFT Server installation, and restart your MFT Server instance.


In addition, any third party libraries that your functions depend on should be placed in libs directory of your MFT Server installation.


You must also include a MANIFEST.MF file in your JAR archive that identifies those classes that are functions.


Lastly, to verify that your function has been successfully installed, login to the MFT Server administrative interface, navigate to the Triggers module of your domain, and click the Functions tab. Your custom function should be found there.




For a more detailed explanation, tutorial, and complete source code example on creating custom function types please see the following:


Open source custom functions


We invite you to check out the open-source functions we've made available for free at the MFT Server Marketplace. The MFT Server Marketplace features a large collection of free, open-source custom functions and trigger actions, which you can use to add more functionality to your installations of MFT Server.


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