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MFT Server Web Client is a web based file transfer client.  It has many of the functions of traditional FTP/SFTP clients providing the ability to manage, upload and download files from a remote server.  However, unlike traditional FTP/SFTP clients, as a browser based platform-independent application there is no software to install or maintain drastically reducing the total cost of ownership. Additionally, since MFT Server Web Client runs over HTTP/S it bypasses many firewall restrictions while still maintaining the highest level of security.


Read the following pages to set up a fully-functional HTTP/S (web-based file transfer) service


Enabling web based file transfers (this is all you'll need to set up a basic web-based file transfer. Read the other pages for more customizations and advanced functionality.)

Web user interface

Customizing the web interface

Performing automatic login

Specifying logout URL

Adding custom forms on file upload

Enabling web document viewer

Drop zones

URL branding

Searching and tagging documents

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