Installing an Agent

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Agents are installed on remote hosts you wish to synchronize with (read about Synchronization) but don't have any file transfer service running on them. The following sections outline the steps to install an Agent on Windows and Linux hosts


Note: Except for the web browsers ( MFT Server Agent does not require a browser),  MFT Server Agent follows the same system requirements as  MFT Server. That means, it also requires the JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files.



Installing an Agent on Windows


1. Download the Windows MFT Server Agent installer from here.


2. When the Setup Wizard launches, click Next to continue


Figure 343


3. Review and accept the license agreement. Click Next to continue.


Figure 344




4. Select the installation directory and then click Next to continue.


Figure 345





5. Enter the name of the Start Menu folder and then click Next to continue.


Figure 346




6. Set the agent connection settings.  Click Next to continue.


Server host/IP - This is the IP address of the Agent Service (see Adding an Agent service). Note, if you used the special address of either or :: when configuring the Agent Service, you must use an actual reachable IP address for this value instead of or :: as the address or :: is only valid for listening purposes.


Server port - This is the port number the Agent Service is listening on. The default value is 40025.


Agent username - The username to use for accessing MFT Server. This should be a valid and existing user name on your MFT Server instance that's assigned to an Agent Trading Partner. It's also called an agent name in this context. See Synchronizing through agents for details.


Agent password - The password corresponding to that Agent username.


Root path - The root path at which the synchronization will take effect.


Allow native process execution - Tick this check box if you wish this Agent to run native commands. (see Commands)


Figure 347





7. Click Finish.If all goes well, you will have successfully installed the MFT Server Agent.


Figure 348







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